Pro-Grade 18212 4-Inch Adjustable 3 Jaw Gear Puller Allied International


  • Long lasting durability and performance
  • Exceeds A.N.S.I. or U.S. Federal Specifications for quality and performance
  • Backed by an unconditional replacement warranty for the life of the tool
  • Best value available in professional quality hand tools.
  • Premium quality hand tool

Product Description

For nearly 40 years, allied International has been committed to satisfying what you look for in hand tools. We stand behind everything we build and a guaranteed forever warranty for the life of the product. wrenches are built to stand up to the toughest work conditions. Combinations, open end and flare nut styles are hot drop-forged from chrome vanadium Alloy, then heat treated for optimum strength. Box ends are precision Broached and chamfered for a smooth, secure fit and featured the dyne-drive torque system which dramatically improves performance when compared to conventional wrench driving systems. The board, flat paneled beams are smooth edged, then nickel-chrome plated and polished to a mirror finish. This allows the application of up to more driving torque with no slippage or fastener damage. In addition, many fasteners with existing rounded corners can now be worked more easily. The results are a wrench that instantly conveys a message of exceptional quality and workmanship.

From the Manufacturer

4-Inch adjustable 3 jaw gear puller

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Moto Man
March 6, 2017
This was possibly the cheapest option that I found, and I took a chance on using it on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 which has developed quite a lot of rust over the years. Soaked the stock pitman arm in PB blaster several times, and let it sit for 2 or 3 days before I actually got to pulling the pitman arm off. Removed the nut with an 18" cresent wrench, since it requires a 1 5/16" I believe, which I didn't have available without purchase. This tool removed the pitman arm with absolutely no problem!

Now for the details, since this is the important part. DO NOT rely on this tool to do 100% of the work! Many people have trashed these cheap pullers in reviews, probably because they are expecting them to perform like the $200 tools do. This tool will not simply pull the pitman arm off, unless it's been removed before and the previous installer used a ton of anti seize or something. Use a penetrating fluid on the pitman arm before using this tool. And preferably use something good, like PB blaster or liquid wrench, and use it well in advance of trying to pull the pitman arm off. Heat can help a little, but it will possibly melt the seals in the steering box so beware. Not something I intended to do since I didn't want to have to replace my steering box.

Before using this tool, even though it came with plenty of light oil on the threads, I slathered a ton of anti seize all over the entire threaded area just to be sure it would not bind. Work it into the threads before use so you have the best insurance available. Align the tool correctly and snug it up on the pitman arm, making sure it is centered to the steering box output shaft. Once you are sure it is centered, begin tightening the threaded shaft to begin the pulling action. Watch the tool as you tighten, make sure it does not slip off the pitman arm! If it begins to slip, loosen it and start over. Once you have around 80-100 ft/lbs, start tapping the sides of the pitman arm with a hammer. I used a 4lbs hammer so it didn't need much force. Last thing you want to do is damage the steering box output shaft. Don't swing something like this at your pitman arm with both hands like you're trying to hit a home run. It only needs a solid smack or 5 or 6, to create vibration which helps loosen the pitman arm from the steering output shaft. After you smack the pitman arm a few times around the shaft, both sides and front end (NOT UPWARD OR DEFINITELY NOT DOWNWARD!!!), tighten the puller shaft a little more. Watch the fingers of the puller, making sure they are not bending or slipping. Many people see this puller bend, and ultimately slip off the pitman arm completely, long before they are able to get it off the output shaft. Keep tapping it and tightening the threaded puller shaft and hopefully it'll give way at some point. Mine did flex at the puller's fingers, which are hanging on to the pitman arm, but I didn't tighten it to the point that they bent. And once the arm finally gave way and slipped a little, the fingers went back to the original shape/position. Also I would recommend leaving the nut a few threads on the end of the steering shaft, just if/so when the pitman arm slips, it doesn't fall on your head!

I saw some great videos on Y Tube on how to use these, as well as welding a piece of angle iron across the sides to reinforce it too. Good luck as many people need it, just be patient and most of the time it should work just fine. If you're a pro mechanic and pull pitman arms often, invest in a better tool. If you just need to pull one and that's it, this tool "should" do the job.
"Tio Al"
July 25, 2018
I "liked" it a lot (Love is a word used by women). I really needed it to remove the nine inch round flywheel from my Troy Bilt mower with Honda engine to inspect the cutter key. I only needed to use the two arms of the three way puller, The flywheel had two specific pulling points to be used with the puller and I also needed it to be deep (tall) enough. There are other ways of removing the flywheel, but I did not want to take a chance and damage the flywheel as they are to expensive to replace, if you can find them. The woodruff key in the flywheel turned out to be real good shape. It turned out, I had to get a new carburetor for my stating problems. It is really well built and strong and has the hexagon shaft to use with a socket and ratchet instead of the ones with the square shaft. It was also less expensive than "Snap-On or "Matco Tools. I now have a well built tool that I can use on other things, including on my old CJ-5 jeep which has a lot of places to use it on.
May 29, 2018
Bargain price. Solid, strong metal built. With this tool, I was able to remove my two stuck rear rotors on my Honda Accord 2002 easy. Before purchasing this tool, I was hesitated to use small or large hammer to..."bang on rotor" since it may damage the bearing wheel inside... With this tool it took less than 5 minute to remove each. I am happy about this tool which is designed to do in this situation.... Please try it, believe me, it's worth every penny (Note: size 10 inches for rotor is perfect fit)
S. Jones
December 23, 2017
I tried to use this puller to remove the pitman arm on a 1995 Chevy S-10 box. I oiled the threads and the bearing point. I used a 1/2" socket wrench to torque it down. Instead of pulling off the pitman arm the tool stripped the threads on the bolt. I bought a replacement at O'Reilly and it came off fine. Don't know if the ProGrade tool I got was just a lemon or if it is a bad tool altogether.
Dennis W. Tompkins
March 30, 2018
Wow! It did the job of getting a stubborn tractor steering wheel off its hub in a few quick seconds - after two previous approaches yielded absolutely fruitless results! The jaws can be spread out to quite a wide diameter range, too, which some other pullers don't offer; and the fact that it's adaptable for two-jaw pulling when 3-jaw use isn't workable is an additional plus for this versatile tool.
November 12, 2016
I've only used this once, so far, but it did a fine job of separating the ball joint from the lower control arm on my wife's 2006 Honda Accord. I'm not sure how it would stand up to more rigorous use, but for someone like myself who is only an occasional mechanic, it seems like a good choice. I also used it to pull a muffler out of its rubber hangers, which isn't a use it was intended for, but handy, nevertheless.
smarty 2361
April 21, 2015
easy on easy off…worth every penny that is the easy way to take brake rotors off…thanks YouTube,thanks amazon
Bill M.
July 28, 2014
I ordered this via Amazon Warehouse Deals. Stated it was "Used--Very Good Condition". Was immediately available and prices seemed to be 35-30% less than a "New" one. Ad stated it may have limited "cosmetic" damage, not affecting tool's use. Gave it a shot. Arrived within the promised time-frame in original packaging. All pieces were included. I could not discern any significant "cosmetic" damage (at least any more than I would expect on a "new" product). Heavy duty tool. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I have no doubt that it will perform as stated. I would definitely recommend this tool for the price.

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